Interview | Ruth Porat, CFO at Alphabet and Google $GOOG $GOOGL

Ruth Porat, CFO at Alphabet and Google

“You’re at the table because people want your voice. It’s easy to forget that. Don’t keep second guessing. If you have a point of view, the reason you were hired is because people want to hear it.”⁣

Ruth Porat, CFO at Alphabet and Google, was interviewed  for the final View from the Top for this academic year at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Failing to invest for the long term could be one of tech’s greatest vulnerabilities, she said, and advised students to keep thinking about investing for the long haul.

”What I’ve seen is that if you don’t invest in the long term, you’re sowing the seeds of your own destruction.”⁣ In the video, Porat discusses her experiences while at Morgan Stanley $MS (morganstanley.com) and later, Google $GOOGL, $GOOG (google.com). Stanford Graduate School of Business video above published May 21, 2019.


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