Most Comments OPPOSE ICANN Extending URS Policy to dotTRAVEL

Comments received by ICANN overwhelmingly OPPOSE extending URS Policy to .TRAVEL and other legacy gTLDs (generic top-level domains). Comment period closed June 21, 2015 23:59 UTC.

Only two comments FOR extending the URS Policy to .TRAVEL were received--one from new gTLD Registry Operator DONUTS and the other from IPC (Intellectual Property Constituency).

Among the many comments OPPOSING were those received from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), the ICANN Business Constituency, the ICANN Non-Commercial Stakeholders Group (NCSG), the Internet Commerce Association (ICA), and IP Justice, which stated:
"IP Justice opposes this illegitimate attempt by ICANN staff to further circumvent proper policy development processes in the creation and imposition of new gTLD policy. In addition to the inappropriate process utilized, the policy itself will chill freedom of expression as domain names will be quickly suspended without any fair opportunity for consumers to defend their lawful rights to use their domain names. Particularly at this critical time when the world is watching ICANN to see if it has begun to fix its accountability crisis, this illegitimate imposition of a dangerous policy on the world is extremely disturbing." 
Domain Mondo thanks all those who submitted comments opposing the proposed extension of URS policy to .TRAVEL. Thanks also to Philip Corwin and the Internet Commerce Association for taking the lead and "sounding the alarm" on this attempt by ICANN staff to apply new gTLD URS policy against legacy gTLD domain name registrants. Below are the links to all comments that were received--FOR and OPPOSE--

2015 Jun 22
OPPOSE: Re: Proposed Renewal of .TRAVEL Sponsored TLD Registry Agreement Phil Temperly

2015 Jun 21
OPPOSE: NCSG Comments Edward Morris
OPPOSE: Policy Needs to Developed Through Legitimate Process. Staff Created and Imposed Policies Like This Are Illegitimate. URS Will Chill Freedom of Expression Robin Gross
OPPOSE: Creation of De Facto Consensus Policy via Contract Renewal Process is a Bylaws Violation Phil Corwin
OPPOSE: Business Constituency (BC) comment on Proposed .TRAVEL Registry Agreement. Steve DelBianco

FORDonuts comment - Proposed Renewal of .TRAVEL Sponsored TLD Registry Agreement Mason Cole

2015 Jun 17
OPPOSEProposed Renewal of .TRAVEL Sponsored TLD Registry Agreement Jay Chapman

FORIPC Comments on Proposed Renewal of .TRAVEL Registry Agreement Greg Shatan

2015 Jun 12
OPPOSE: EFF comments on .travel renewal Jeremy Malcolm (Electronic Frontier Foundation)
OPPOSE: Proposed Renewal of .TRAVEL Sponsored TLD Registry Agreement Rook Media

2015 May 25
OPPOSE: Proposed Renewal of .TRAVEL Sponsored TLD Registry Agreement John Poole (Editor of Domain Mondo)

2015 May 22
OPPOSE: Opposition domains@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
OPPOSE: Opposed to inclusion of URS in .TRAVEL registry agreement George Kirikos
OPPOSE: Proposed Renewal of .TRAVEL Sponsored TLD Registry Agreement Tim Hall

2015 May 21
OPPOSE: URS issues and concerns eCorp

Source: ICANN Email Archives: [comments-travel-renewal-12may15]
See also for more information: https://www.icann.org/public-comments/travel-renewal-2015-05-12-en.

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