Innovation, Change, Disruption, Google (video)

Video above uploaded on August 2, 2007: Presentation by then Google CIO Douglas Merrill on Innovation at Google (Merrill is now Co-Founder and CEO of ZestFinance.com).

For a more recent view of Innovation at Google: Watch How Google X Employees Deal With Failure | Fast Company | Business + Innovation (video at link).

On the other hand-- How Google Skewed Search Results - WSJ"... While the FTC staff recommended not filing an antitrust case against Google for its search engine business, it uncovered evidence that Google promoted its own search results and demoted those of its rivals. Google "adopted a strategy of demoting or refusing to display, links to certain vertical websites in highly commercial categories."... FTC staff concluded that Google's conduct harmed consumers and competitors. "Staff concludes that Google's conduct has resulted – and will result – in real harm to consumers and to innovation…"

and this-- Google users CAN sue internet giant in British courts over its tracking of their browsing | Daily Mail Online: "Group claims Google bypassed security to track their online browsing - Action taken over the way Google tracked users of Apple Safari's internet browser - Appeal court ruling means Google users have the right to sue internet giant -nThe ruling was a victory for 'Safari Users Against Google's Secret Tracking'..."

Here are two nuggets of wisdom on change, disruption, and Google--

"... the more you’re invested in the way you’re doing things, the more vulnerable you become. Disruption is easier with digital tools. Therefore, you must disrupt yourself. But it’s hard for the rich and comfortable to do this...." (source: infra)

"Google made search work. Create comprehension from chaos, make the world understandable and usable for a huge swath of people and you’ll get rich. But you won’t stay rich. In mobile search is secondary, it’s all about the app. But what is most interesting about Google is it got a pass. Utilizing its mantra of “Don’t be evil” to market itself as a new kind of company (that only lasted until earnings faltered), Google’s history is about the public and press giving it a chance when it does not deserve one. Sure, Google gave us Gmail, a slightly better Hotmail, but it makes no money on YouTube, Google Plus is an invasive disaster and Google Glass was a sideshow that got a ton of publicity while WhatsApp and Snapchat got all the glory. Just because someone is good at one thing, do not assume they’re good at everything. Furthermore, just because someone is rich, that doesn’t make them smart and indomitable."Lefsetz Letter

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