ICANN CEO Fadi Chehadé panders to DNA at ICANN 52 (video)

DNA member breakfast with Fadi Chehadé (2015-02-10): 

The Domain Name Association (thedna.org), Kurt Pritz, and Adrian Kinderis, welcomed ICANN President and CEO Mr. Fadi Chehadé (starts @3:05) to give a talk and answer member questions during the ICANN 52 meeting in Singapore,  February 10, 2015 (video above).

Topics covered: Universal Acceptance; Promotion of New gTLD domain names and ICANN "partnering" with thedna.org; IANA transition; predictability.

This video [full transcript here] gives good insight of a slice of the domain name industry as well as viewpoints of some of the stakeholders present in Singapore at ICANN 52, and a pulse on current issues as noted above--for example: Fadi Chehade made a point of saying that the CWG-Stewardship (IANA transition) is "busy not doing its job" (19:10) and later in the video had an interesting dialogue with Jay Daley, Chief Executive at .nz Registry Services, on the same topic beginning @34:00.

In the video, the ICANN CEO readily admits his ignorance of the domain name industry--no offense to Fadi, but why would ICANN choose anyone as CEO who does not understand the domain name industry? Domain Mondo suggests that the next CEO of ICANN be selected from among the many, very talented people leading ccTLD registry operators throughout the world.

Fadi is also clearly confused about ICANN's role vis-à-vis new gTLD registry operators--regulator or partner? In addition, he starts pandering (@31:00) in suggesting to his audience that ICANN will fund in ICANN's 2016FY Budget (pdf), DNA members' efforts to market or promote their new gTLD domain names [which would be violative of ICANN's Articles/Bylaws as well as California and US federal laws regarding non-profit corporations].

Fadi Chehade's leadership skills have been questioned by many in the past year--for example, his so-called NETmundial Initiative, has been an embarrassment to many within ICANN, particularly after wasting countless hours of his own, and  ICANN staff time, as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars in ICANN's own funds, on the effort.

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