Domain Name Registry Operator Neustar After Losing FCC Vote

Neustar is the registry operator for .US, .CO, .BIZ, .NYC top-level domains, and provides services for other TLDs. Its main business had been operating the Numbering Portability Administration Contract (NPAC), from which Neustar derived 49% of its revenue in 2014.
 Neustar - FCC votes for Ericsson, $150M buyback launched | Seeking Alpha: "As was widely expected, the FCC has voted to begin negotiations with Ericsson's (NASDAQ:ERIC) Telcordia unit regarding a major local phone number-porting contract [NPAC], after relying on Neustar (NYSE:NSR) to provide the service for 18 years. Neustar has responded to the news by once more blasting the FCC's selection process, and affirming its guidance for 1H15.To soften the blow, the telecom data service provider has launched a $150M buyback that lasts until March 25, 2016. It's good for repurchasing 12% of shares at current levels. As of Dec. 31, Neustar had $329M in cash to pay for buybacks with, and $792M in debt." (March 26, 2015)
Fallout after losing FCC contract vote? From Seeking Alpha's John Zhang--
  • Market is underestimating impact of loss of NPAC contract.
  • Neustar's Balance Sheet at great risk.
  • Neustar's Non-NPAC business growing 
  • Potential buyout after FCC vote.
more info: Webcast Neustar, Inc. Investor Conference Call 03/26/15 (Replay)

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