Android Was Google's Best Decision says Xiaomi's Hugo Barra (video)

Xiaomi's Hugo Barra: Android Was Google's Best DecisionXiaomi's Vice President of Global Operations Hugo Barra discusses Google's Android operating system with Bloomberg's Emily Chang for a wide-ranging interview on "Studio 1.0." (published on Jul 16, 2015)

Infographic: Is Android Becoming the New Windows? | Statista

Chart showing Past, Present, Future: Device Shipments by OS
Past, Present, Future: Device Shipments by OS (in thousands) Data: Gartner via CityAM
Android has come a long way since Google bought it 10 years ago today | VentureBeat | Mobile | by Jordan Novet: "... People thought we were crazy when we acquired … Android,” Google noted in its most recent annual report. Tech media outlets were shortsighted in their guesses about the implications of the deal... Globally, Android had more than 1 billion monthly active users in June 2014, Google said. More than 1.05 billion Android smartphones were shipped around the world in 2014, giving the OS 81.5 percent market share, compared with 192.7 million units and 14.8 percent market share for iOS, according to IDC . Put simply, Android has come to be the smartphone standard around the world. Buying Android — for a reported $50 million — was Google’s “best deal ever,” Google executive David Lawee said in 2010. Now, that statement is easy to understand ..."

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UPDATE August 2, 2015: from WIRED: "Google often gives its software away for free. It has long believed in open source software. But last week, the company took this idea to the next level. It gave away all rights to Kubernetes, a cloud computing system originally designed by Google engineers, asking a non-profit to manage its development. It didn’t just share some software code with the world. It agreed to let an independent party oversee the development of the code ... Cloud Native Computing Foundation, the organization is just the latest in a series of high profile new foundations now stewarding opens source projects created by large tech companies."

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