What Do You Do With a dotSUCKS Domain Name? (video)

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What do you do With a .Sucks Domain Name? - The launch of the ".sucks" domain back in March sent a wave of panic through company public relations teams, fearing brand names could be tarnished by cyber-squatters unless the companies themselves coughed up around $2,500 per year to take control. Despite claims the firm that manages the registry, was holding brands to ransom, more than 6,000 of the domains have been snapped up. While most have been bought for damage limitation purposes and simply parked, inventive companies are exploring more creative uses of .SUCKS. Source: Bloomberg

See also: Why the .Sucks Domain Doesn’t Have to Suck - Bloomberg Business: "... Brand protection company NetNames.com filed a complaint with the European Commission, saying Vox Populi had created a “predatory pricing model” in a “blatant attempt to extort revenues from brand owners.”..."

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