Nine Marketing Trends, Midyear 2015, Adobe (slides)

Nine Marketing Trends To Watch As We Hit Midyear 2015 from Adobe

Key Tech Trends: Where Do Marketers Go From Here?: "... Billions Of Devices - The Internet of Things or IoT is poised to be even bigger than the smartphone wave, with 25 billion Internet-connected devices expected to be online by 2020, according to Gartner. These sensored devices will be a ubiquitous part of homes, offices, airports, malls, and many other parts of our daily lives. However, despite the great potential, keep in mind a few key points: • Unprecedented user insight: Just like mobile devices, sensored devices will enable marketers to understand consumer behavior at a level of granularity and precision unlike anything available before. • Tsunami of data: All that data creates a couple of key problems–how to store it and how to create value from it. The availability of cheap, ubiquitous cloud storage will increasingly address the first problem, but drawing insight and intelligence from terabytes of this data and being able to act on it are important disciplines that are only just developing. • Privacy and regulatory stewardship ..."

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