Logitech Brand, Re-branding, New Domain Name Logi.com? (video)

Logitech Brand Video - Meet the all-new Logitech - Part evolution, full-on revolution. Logitech has always offered products people trust. Now we offer experiences people will love. The new Logitech is a design company that fuses art and science. Published on Jul 8, 2015

graphic showing logitech rebranding to logi

SAY HELLO TO THE NEW LOGITECH"... We are unveiling the biggest brand transformation in Logitech’s history. Meet the new Logitech, a company you know and trust, but now with a colorful new attitude and re-imagined logo you’ll love. And, meet Logi our new label. While our commitment to excellence in peripherals hasn’t changed, we’re dedicating focus on design, hiring our first-ever chief design officer, Alastair Curtis, and delivering products that create amazing experiences in the everyday places of your life. We’ve put design at the core of everything we do and everything we are, from our products to our brand identity. On top of a colorful and bold new look, you’ll start to see and hear the name Logi. The Logi label will appear on our newest product categories, and expect some twists and a few surprises in new categories ..."

Logitech International S.A. is a Swiss company with EMEA headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland and Americas headquarters in Newark, California, USA. Logitech has two operating segments: peripherals and video conferencing. The peripherals segment: design, manufacturing and marketing of peripherals for personal computers (PCs), tablets and other digital platforms. The video conferencing segment: includes systems with integrated monitors, video bridges and other infrastructure software and hardware, and services. Logitech sells online and for peripheral products through a network of distributors, retailers and OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), and for its video conferencing products and services, through distributors, resellers and OEMs.

Domain names: currently logi.com redirects to logitech.com
Stock Exchange | Stock Symbol: NASDAQ: LOGI

To Rebrand for the Future, Logi Drops the Tech - Digits - WSJ: "... Its aim: appeal to younger consumers. Logitech ... will start using the term Logi on new products like tablet computer keyboards and cases which will be launched later this year. The company, the world’s largest producer of computer mice, is unveiling the new brand after admitting its previous image seemed a little old fashioned... Although Logitech International will remain the company’s official name, new products produced this year will feature the Logi branding, which was produced by London-based agency Design Studio. It will appear on new products soon to be launched for computer tablets like Apple’s iPad, Darrell said, although he declined to give further details. The company will use a rebranded version of its Logitech name for its traditional PC peripherals business, which has declined in recent years. “The word tech on products in the future will be irrelevant, in the future every brand from tires to jeans will have some kind of technology in it,” [Logitech chief executive Bracken] Darrell added."

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