Jim Scheinman, Maven Ventures, How to Build a Unicorn Company (video)

The Land of Milk, Honey and Mythical Creatures: Jim Scheinman of  Maven Ventures talks Unicorns: Jim Scheinman of Maven Ventures - who successfully achieved three 'unicorns' ($1B+) exits/valuations over 20 years - visited OurCrowd in Israel to talk about "The Land of Milk, Honey and Mythical Creatures: How to build a "unicorn consumer company." (Published on Jul 9, 2015)

Note the section on naming your startup: Skiggle or Tango?

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About | Maven Ventures"Maven Ventures is the first incubator and micro VC seed fund focused exclusively on consumer internet and mobile startups with hyper-growth potential. We invest in great founders with a vision worth fighting for. The Maven team identifies future consumer trends that will change the way we communicate and live in the next year or two. Past examples include our early identification of tech trends for the last decade: internet portals (1998), social networking (2003), virtual goods (2006), mobile apps (2008), the international groundswell of entrepreneurship (2012). Maven Ventures Fund I has already invested in what we foresee as some of the game-changing trends of the future like self-driving cars, virtual reality, and consumer software for wearables ..." (emphasis added)

About OurCrowd: 
"OurCrowd is an equity-based crowdfunding platform, built exclusively for a select group of accredited investors to provide venture capital funding for Israeli (and later global) venture capital start-ups. Membership in the community is vetted and offered only to people who meet the stringent accreditation criteria. Accredited investors who are accepted into the community can make minimum investments of $10,000 per deal. The initial focus of OurCrowd will be the dynamic early stage funding market in Israel and only companies that have passed a rigorous due diligence process will be added to the platform. All term sheets will be pre-negotiated and OurCrowd’s management company and affiliated mentor network will lead the investment with their own money. OurCrowd has become the first Israel focused, equity-based investment platform to launch and one of the world’s leading accredited investor only platforms." (source: ourcrowd.com)

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