FinTech Startup TransferWise, Peer-to-Peer Money Transfer (video)

How to TransferWise - A quick guide showing you how to beat hidden bank fees with TransferWise. Published Apr 20, 2015

FinTech is experiencing tremendous growth | TransferWise Blog: "As reported by Business Insider, FinTech startups enabling services like peer to peer money transfer and lending services are on the rise. The first shows the amount of funding FinTech startups have received over the past 5 years. Investments in Q2 2010 made up less than $1 billion, in Q1 2015 they’ve risen to nearly $3 billion..."

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  • Send Money to United States | Cheap Money Transfers to United States | TransferWise: "Banks charge hidden charges when you send money abroad. With TransferWise you save up to 90%. Problem solved, money saved."
  • TransferWise - Wikipedia"TransferWise is an Estonian developed and UK-based peer-to-peer money transfer service launched in January 2011 by Kristo Käärmann and Taavet Hinrikus with headquarters in London and offices in Tallinn and New York. More than £3 billion has been transferred through TransferWise. TransferWise supports more than 300 currency routes across the world."
  • TransferWise Wants To Take Over The World | TechCrunch: "This year, TransferWise also raised $58 million from Andreessen Horowitz and existing investors. And Hinrikus thinks his company is in a great position right now when it comes to competition from other startups. “I think it’s a very highly defensible business. It’s very hard to build a brand online,” he said. “I challenge you to find another financial startup that has a 5 percent market share. Making sure that we move tens of millions every day is hard as well. I’m actually feeling pretty good.”"
  • Andreessen Horowitz tried to invest $10 million in TransferWise's 2013 Series A - Business Insider: "TransferWise announced in June that it is now transferring £500 million ($762 million) a month and has transferred over £3 billion ($4.5 billion) since launch."
  • Goldman Sachs chart on TransferWise cost - Business Insider: "TransferWise's fees when sending money from the UK to Germany are sub-1%, compared to over 3% at a Western Union and over 4% for High Street banks."
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