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Apple 1-year stock chart (NASDAQ:AAPL) (source: google.com)
1. Why Apple Is Likely Underperform the Nasdaq in 2016 - 24/7 Wall St."... The problem for Apple is that China is its third largest market, and the fastest growing one at 84% growth year over year. It is unlikely that this rate of growth will continue in 2016 ... the Chinese economy has a lot of readjustment to do ..."

2. Smartphone vendors are engaged in ever more competitive cut-throat markets for market share, yet the smartphone OS platform wars appear to be over, and Android won over iOS:Infographic: The Platform War Is Over and Android Won | Statista
 source: Statista

3. Bad News for Apple investors? According to a research note published by Morgan Stanley analysts, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) may only sell 218 million iPhones in fiscal 2016, which would be equivalent to a 5.7 percent drop compared to the fiscal year that ended in September:

Infographic: Have iPhone Sales Peaked in 2015? | Statista
 source: Statista
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