Global Pulse: China Markets Hit Circuit Breaker Again (videos)

On Thursday, China markets halted again, Brent below $33 a barrel | FirstFT - Published Jan 7, 2016 (London): Josh de la Mare on Thursday's top stories from around the world, including :
  • Brief Chaotic session for Chinese equities, global markets fall in response; 
  • Brent crude falling below $33 a barrel;
  • Netflix launching in 130 more countries.
China's 29 Minutes of Chaos: Stunned Brokers and a Race to Sell - Bloomberg Business"...With share prices going into free fall almost as soon as local exchanges opened, market gurus at Huaxi Securities Co. were at a loss to explain why. One manager of $46 million in Shanghai liquidated all his holdings. Other investors, including a top-performing hedge fund, tried in vain to cash out as circuit breakers brought trading to an abrupt halt..." - see also: U.S. Stocks Join China-Fueled Equities Rout as Crude Declines - Bloomberg Business

Above video: These Forces Control 2016 Markets - Alan Levenson of T. Rowe Price explains how central bank moves and China's slowdown will affect the global economy, and why economic growth may pick up slightly. (6 Jan 2016 - source: Barron's)

Caveat: Watch China's markets Friday

Will China's market chaos lead us into a recession in 2016?

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