China, ICANN, Domain Names, Lies, Facts, Hype, Truth (video)

3 TRUE or FALSE Questions:

1. Is China's .CN the world's largest ccTLD (country code top-level domain) bypassing Germany's .DE, as recently claimed by the government of China and its official press agency?

2. Is it really true that new gTLD .XYZ "is now the 6th most registered Top Level Domain name" as recently claimed by one domaining blogger?

3. Is it true that ICANN adding hundreds of unwanted, unneeded new gTLDs to the global DNS actually reduces cybersquatting as claimed by ICANN CEO Fadi Chehade?

The answers:
1. FALSE -- see Domain Tools: .CN is the 4th largest ccTLD in the world (after .TK, .DE, .UK)
2. FALSE -- see Domain Tools:  .XYZ is the 22nd most registered "Top Level Domain name."
3. FALSE -- see ....There Is A Lot Of Cybersquatting Going On In The New gTLDs ...

Conclusion? There is a lot of lying or "hype" going on when it comes to domain names--in the domain name industry, at ICANN, and elsewhere. That is one reason (of many) why the editor of Domain Mondo recently urged ICANN (pdf) to stop being in denial and start publishing daily accurate statistics so stakeholders and the general public can make informed decisions about domain names and what is going on in the global domain name marketplace. Apparently ICANN didn't like the comment of Domain Mondo since it unilaterally decided to extend the comment period from January 8th to January 22nd. That's typical ICANN dysfunction--when ICANN gets answers it doesn't like, it moves the goal posts. ICANN needs to stop serving just the "new gTLD domain name industry" and start serving the "global public interest."

Here's something else that may be another embarrassment to ICANN CEO Fadi Chehade and his pandering to the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the government of China--

Missing Booksellers Mystery Rattles Hong Kong, China Involved? (video above)| Financial Times - FT World - "The widely held suspicion is that the five publishers have been taken to China by security forces. The FT's Ben Bland says the lack of clarity about what happened is stoking fears about increased interference in Hong Kong affairs." (FT.com, 10 Jan 2016)


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