Amazon Cloud, AWS, Bigger Than Its Four Main Competitors Combined?

Cloud Infrastructure Services Revenue Growth

Above: Q1 2015 data from Synergy Research Group indicated that Amazon Web Services (AWS) remained larger than its four main competitors combined in the cloud infrastructure service market. While Microsoft claimed the highest revenue growth rate and IBM claimed the private and hybrid services segment, AWS grew faster than the market as a whole and its market share increased up to 29% in Q1 2015. Google, while gaining market share, remained just half the size of Microsoft's Cloud market share. Salesforce, a leader in PaaS, rounded out the top five ranked Cloud companies, in Q1 2015. It will be interesting to compare Q1 2016 data, when it becomes available.

See also: The Big Four Cloud Providers are Leaving the Rest of the Market Behind (July 24, 2015)| Synergy Research Group: "New Q2 data from Synergy Research Group shows that in aggregate Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft, IBM and Google control well over half of the worldwide cloud infrastructure service market. Their combined market share rose to 54% in the latest quarter compared with 46% in Q2 2014 and 41% in Q2 2013."

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