Back to the Future: ICANN CEO Rod Beckstrom, CSIS Keynote, 2012 video

Back to the FutureICANN CEO Rod Beckstrom CSIS Keynote Speech, 10 Jan 2012

CSIS Keynote Speech by Rod Beckstrom, CEO of ICANN in 2012- The Future of the Internet - Who Decides? | 10 Jan 2012 - Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) keynote speech - The Future of the Internet - Who Decides? | 10 Jan 2012--Rod Beckstrom: Some new gTLDs will fail--

Transcript of portion of speech, time marked:
30:37now some people ask it and they say  are these new gTLDs going to be
30:43or how many are gonna fail of course you know how you define
30:47success and how you define failure I and certainly
30:51who will decide? Users of the world will decide
30:55Organizations will decide what succeeds and what's not successful
30:59ICANN's concern is not about the individual
31:03business marketing or organizational usage success of a top-level domain
31:08it's that the global Internet domain name system be secure
31:12and stable and reliable and that's what the checks are in for the system
31:16and in the community cares about protecting rights holders such as
31:20 so we'll see some successes, we will see some failures

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