Global Financial & Market Distortions, China, Japan, Central Banks (video)

India's Central Bank Chief Warns on Market Risks - In a panel discussion hosted by the Wall Street Journal in Davos, Switzerland, Reserve Bank of India Governor Raghuram Rajan said central-bank policies are creating market distortions. Published Jan 29, 2016, WSJ.com.

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Central Banks Intensify Campaign for Negative Rates - Bloomberg Business: "... negative interest rates ... the Bank of Japan on Friday joined a growing club taking the once-anathema step of pushing some borrowing costs beneath zero ...  about a quarter of the world economy now in negative-rate territory, the policy reflects pressure to do even more to ignite inflation at the risk of hurting banks. The lack of fallout so far sets the stage for the European Central Bank to cut rates even more and may fan speculation the Federal Reserve will follow if the U.S. slumps ..."

China by TBP_Think_Tank IMF Working Paper:

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