IANA Transition, ICANN Accountability, Comment Analysis, Timeline

Above: CCWG-Accountability 3rd Draft, Public Comments, Trends & Analysis (published by ICANN on January 18, 2016)

Background: "As initial discussions of the IANA Stewardship Transition were taking place, the ICANN community raised the broader topic of the impact of the transition on ICANN's current accountability mechanisms. From this dialogue, the Enhancing ICANN Accountability process was developed to provide assurance that ICANN remains accountable in the absence of its historical contractual relationship with the U.S. Government, which has been perceived as a backstop with regard to ICANN's organization-wide accountability since 1998. The CCWG-Accountability was chartered to consider how ICANN's broader accountability mechanisms should be strengthened in light of the IANA Functions transition, and to review the existing accountability mechanisms such as those within the ICANN Bylaws and the Affirmation of Commitments [AoC]. The CCWG-Accountability is in the process of refining its conclusions and proposals based on the public comment received on the Accountability Framework it identified as essential to have in place or be committed to before the IANA Stewardship Transition (Work Stream 1). Next steps include finalization of the report for the Chartering Organizations' final endorsement. As appropriate, the Work Stream 1 conclusions will be delivered to the ICANN Board of Directors." (source: ICANN Report of Public Comments; emphasis and links added)

Additional info:
Below is the CCWG-Accountability timeline published in late 2015, which has suffered slippage:

Below is the overall IANA Stewardship Transition process, scheduled to be completed in 2016 (except for WS2 / Work Stream 2 accountability issues)


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