Entrepreneur and VC Peter Thiel speaks at The National Press Club (video)

Peter Thiel speaks at The National Press Club:

Streamed live October 31, 2016: Billionaire venture capitalist and entrepreneur Peter Thiel has rocked Silicon Valley with his support for Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump. Thiel discusses his political endorsement and the 2016 election at a National Press Club speakers newsmaker event on Monday Oct. 31. He also discusses the Gawker case and his Libertarian philosophy.

Thiel, who co-founded PayPal (paypal.com) and Palantir Technologies Inc. (palantir.com), endorsed Trump at the Republican National Convention in July and pledged a $1.25 million campaign donation in support of the candidate.
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•  Student LoansPeter Thiel's support of Trump and reaction among the Thiel fellows | BusinessInsider.com: "... The rising mountains of student debt is one reason Thiel started the fellowship program — and it's one of the marquee reasons he supports Trump. During his speech on Monday, Thiel said he's voting for Trump partly because millennials are "stuck" in a "broken system." "Our youngest citizens may not have huge medical bills, but their college tuition keeps on increasing faster than the rate of inflation, adding more every year to our $1.3 trillion dollar mountain of student debt," Thiel said. "America has become the only country where students take on loans they can never escape, not even by declaring bankruptcy. Stuck in this broken system, millennials are the first generation who expect their own lives to be worse than the lives of their parents." It's a message that has stuck a chord with a lot of millennials. William LeGate, a 2013 Thiel fellow, found that only some of his friends on the West Coast really questioned Thiel's ties to Trump. In his hometown of Atlanta, no one has asked his opinion of it, he said. Instead, some friends have asked about one of his investors' support of Hillary Clinton ..."

•  Establishment media bias against Trump is rampantCNN quietly edits incorrect Trump story, only adds editor's note after media report | BusinessInsider.com"CNN on Sunday incorrectly reported that Donald Trump encouraged his supporters to vote multiple times, then quietly amended its online story when it became apparent the claim was not true."

•  Five takeaways from the latest WikiLeaks releases | Oct 30, 2016 | TheHill.com:
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  2. There are renewed calls to shutter the Clinton Foundation
  3. Bill Clinton's consulting firm confirmed emails authenticity 
  4. The Clinton campaign’s pushback hasn’t worked 
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