.AFRICA, .WEB, ICANN Litigation Update, IRP & CEP Status Report

ICANN active litigation status update:
Graphic: new gTLD .AFRICA © DomainMondo.com
1. New gTLD .AFRICA--DotConnectAfrica Trust vs. ICANN and ZACR (trial court proceeding and interlocutory appeal)--case remanded to California state court for lack of subject matter jurisdiction by U.S. District Court Judge (pdf), Notice of Remand (pdf) filed by ICANN, October 25, 2016, and ICANN's Reply Memorandum Regarding the District Court's Lack of Jurisdiction (pdf) filed November 7, 2016, in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

Graphic: new gTLD .WEB  © DomainMondo.com
2. New gTLD .WEB--Ruby Glen, LLC v. ICANN--legal action filed in United States District Court for the Central District of California by Ruby Glen, LLC, affiliate of Donuts. Status: Motion to Dismiss filed by ICANN on October 26, 2016, hearing scheduled for November 28, 2016.

ccTLDs: .IR (IRAN), .SY (Syria), .KP (North Korea)
3.  ccTLDs .IR (IRAN), .SY (Syria), .KP (North Korea)--Ben Haim v. Islamic Republic of Iran; Calderon-Cardona v. Democratic People's Republic of Korea; Rubin v. Islamic Republic of Iran; Stern v. Islamic Republic of Iran; Weinstein v. Islamic Republic of Iran; Wyatt v. Syrian Arab Republic--Consolidated legal actions filed in U.S. federal courts to judicially attach ccTLDs in satisfaction of civil judgments of Plaintiffs/Appellants--Status: On appeal, DC Circuit Court of Appeals (pdf) affirmed judgment of District Court (on alternative grounds) that ccTLDs are not subject to judicial attachment. Formal Mandate of U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. (pdf) 27 September 2016. Motions for rehearing and hearing en banc denied. Possible next step, Petition for Writ of Certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court (pdf), within 90 days after denial of rehearing (September 19, 2016).

ICANN Cooperative Engagement Process (CEP) and Independent Review Process (IRP) defined
ICANN Cooperative Engagement Process (CEP) And Independent Review Process (IRP) Status Report: The Cooperative Engagement Process (CEP) is a process voluntarily invoked by a complainant prior to the filing of an Independent Review Process (IRP) for the purpose of resolving or narrowing the issues that are contemplated to be brought to the IRP. (See ICANN Bylaws, Art. 4 §4.3(e).) The requesting party may invoke the CEP by providing written notice to ICANN, noting the invocation of the process, identifying the Board action(s) at issue, identifying the provisions of the ICANN Bylaws or Articles of Incorporation that are alleged to be violated, and designating a single point of contact for the resolution of the issue. More info about CEP and IRP processes here (pdf).
CEP & IRP Status Update (pdf) as of 9 November 2016 embedded below (highlighting added).

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