The "News Media" Got the Election WRONG, What Else Are They Missing?

The Biggest LOSER of Election 2016? The "News Media"-- Infographic: Trust in Mass Media Erodes | Statista
source: Statista

Reporting the news "fully, accurately and fairly” used to be one of the most basic requirements for any news outlet that wanted to be taken seriously. But Gallup reports more and more Americans share the impression that the mass media (a/k/a mainstream media or MSM), including TV, radio, newspapers, and MSM websites online, fail to do just that. According to Gallup, Americans’ trust in mass media has dropped to a new low recently, with only 32 percent of U.S. adults expressing at least a fair amount of confidence in mass media to serve as an unbiased chronicler of current affairs. Drill down into the Gallup report and you discover only 14% of Republicans, 30% of independents, and just 26% of Americans 18-49 years old, express trust in the media. Many felt Donald Trump received an unfair amount of negative press, and even Democrats' trust in the news media is declining (though less so than other demographic groups):
"I can’t read the newspaper. Never mind watch television. Donald Trump ran for President in plain sight and these people missed it, all of them. What else are they missing? ... I used to trust the institutions, now I no longer do ... I was at lunch Friday with a heavy hitter, the toppermost of the entertainment world, and I asked him if reporters ever called him … He said ALL THE TIME! Did they know anything? NOTHING! And was the article ever right? NEVER! This happens to me on a regular basis. Some of the most trusted news outlets extant will call me for a quote. The reporter knows nothing about the subject, I take half an hour to explain it and they still get it wrong. Even worse, some of these ignoramuses argue with me because what I’m saying doesn’t fit their narrative."--Bob Lefsetz, Lefsetz.com (disclosure: Bob is a Democrat and voted for Hillary) (emphasis added)
New York Times election forecast:
Bob's suggested remedy? "Someone needs to lose their job over this. Not only Billy Bush, but the person in charge of the polling for the “New York Times,” that person has got to go, the whole team has to go. Actions have consequences ... Judith Miller got us into Iraq, she got booted. Boot a few more!" (emphasis and link added)

Yes, actions have consequences. Want to know about the Presidential race next time, and who's leading? The lesson from Election 2016 is don't trust anything you read, see or hear via the New York Times, Washington Post, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, et al, especially their polling results. It's most likely just fake news and false narratives.

Contrary to what the mostly biased-left mainstream media (MSM) believe, they are no longer a "trusted source of news" for most Americans. Those who are still watching, reading, listening, and trusting  them, are an increasingly diminishing audience ... hardly anyone cares what MSM says or does anymore because they are increasingly irrelevant. The news media have little credibility left after Election 2016 and that was hardly the beginning of the decline:

Infographic: Newspapers Lose Relevance as a News Source | Statista
source: Statista

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