Traditional Retailers Are Losers, The Retail Winner Is Amazon (video)

Brands Shift, Amazon Lifts:

  • Loser: Traditional retail. Macy's is closing 100 stores, and fashion brands like Coach and Michael Kors are pulling products from department stores in an effort to burnish their aspirational image. Meanwhile, Amazon's apparel business is taking off. See  also Amazon Eats the Department Store | Bloomberg.com.
  • Winner: Weibo. After being left for dead with the rise of WeChat, the platform is making a comeback on the strength of livestreaming and video.
  • Winner: The New York Times, whose infographics team raises the bar for all of us in the data and storytelling business. @UpshotNYT and @nytgraphics
Domains of referenced brands:
  • macys.com
  • coach.com
  • michaelkors.com
  • amazon.com
  • weibo.com
  • wechat.com
  • nytimes.com
Scott Galloway is a NYU Stern Marketing Professor. Video above originally published August 25, 2016, by L2inc.com. Song credit: CapnDesDes

Transcript via YouTube:
0:02 A loser: traditional retail.
0:03 With most major department stores' stock prices in free fall, Macy's decided to close 100 stores.
0:09 The market responded, sending the stock up 17%.
0:13 How many stores would need to close to bring back pre-recession sales per square foot at different retailers?
0:18 Nordstrom would need to shutter 25%, JCPenney 30%, and Sears 40%.
0:26 (I think Sears needs to close 100% of their stores.)
0:28 The real winner here?
0:30 Amazon, whose apparel business is taking off.
0:33 As stores close, brands are reacting.
0:36 Coach is pulling its bags from 250 low-volume department stores to restore its association with luxury.
0:43 The biggest challenge, from Nike to Samsung and Rolex:
0:49 if you want to maintain an aspirational brand position, you've got to control more of your distribution.
0:54 Branding is moving toward the consumer.
0:56 Winner: Weibo [weibo.com].
0:58 After being left for dead with the rise of WeChat, the platform is making a comeback
1:01 on the strength of livestreaming and short form video - features not integrated directly into competitor WeChat.
1:07 Weibo's net income in Q2 rose 516% and daily users increased 36% year-on-year to 126 million.
1:16 Weibo has surpassed Twitter in both growth and mobile users.
1:20 When L'Oréal used the platform to promote a livestream of brand ambassador Li Yuchun attending the Cannes Film Festival,
1:26 the lip balm she mentioned sold out in just four hours.
1:31 A winner: The New York Times.
1:32 A well-deserved shout-out to the NYT infographics team.
1:35 The combination of data and insight that these visualizations provide readers sets the Times apart
1:41 and raises the bar for all of us in the data and storytelling business ....

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