Digital Winners & Losers: Samsung, Apple, Mark Zuckerberg & Facebook

The Most Powerful Person in the World

L2inc.com video above published Feb 1, 2018: Scott Galloway on Mark Zuckerberg / Facebook and Samsung / Apple and more--"who wields power over 2 billion people, can influence elections and public opinion, and traffics in one of the most addictive drugs known to mankind? Plus, an unlikely winner from Apple's iPhone success." 

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Transcript (auto-generated via YouTube.com):
00:00 [Music]
00:01 Who is the most powerful person in the
00:04 world who wields power over two billion
00:07 people and has proven influence over
00:09 elections and public opinion who also
00:12 manufactures and traffics in one of the
00:14 most addictive drugs known to mankind
00:16 increasing teen depression worldwide the
00:20 Zuck the most powerful man in the world
00:22 who doesn't have his finger on a button
00:24 all the hype around changing the
00:26 Facebook newsfeed to favorite content
00:28 from friends as a gesture towards
00:30 restoring democracy is just a big head
00:32 fake the Zuck would never do anything
00:34 that doesn't turn a profit Facebook has
00:37 assembled the largest community in the
00:39 history of mankind
00:40 and the individual overseeing this
00:42 community screwed over his friends in
00:44 college then over his best friend right
00:47 after college and spoiler alert isn't
00:49 concerned with the condition of our
00:51 souls or National Defense. A loser: teens
00:54 recent research reveals that teens
00:56 aren't hanging out in person or going to
00:59 parties in fact the number of teens who
01:01 get together every day has been cut in
01:03 half in the last 15 years the culprit
01:06 once again Facebook and other social
01:08 platforms you can't buy cigarettes or
01:11 vote until you're 18 or drink until
01:13 you're 21 why should we let our kids
01:15 have access to these platforms at age 13
01:18 please respond to me in the comments page
01:20 gating social media no Facebook or
01:23 Instagram accounts until you're 18 good
01:26 or bad idea an unlikely winner from
01:29 Apple's iPhone success Samsung the
01:32 Korean tech giant is the only supplier
01:34 for the iPhone 10 OLED screen samsung
01:37 expects to sell to Apple about 200
01:40 million iPhone screens and a teen
01:42 generating more than 20 billion in
01:44 revenue that's almost half Samsung's q3
01:47 revenue and the equivalent of selling 20
01:50 million of their Galaxy Note 8 phones. To
01:53 mark the National Spelling Bee Google
01:55 broke down America's most misspelled
01:57 words by state separately Walmart
02:00 released a list of its top-selling items
02:02 in every state which may or may not
02:04 explain some of the spelling challenges
02:06 sweeping across the country in
02:08 California where I'm from beautiful is
02:11 the most misspelled word
02:12 and protein powder is the best-selling
02:14 Walmart item people in Wisconsin
02:16 apparently can't spell Wisconsin but the
02:20 Green Bay Packers bathmat is the
02:22 best-selling item on the Bentonville
02:25 giant's site and in New Hampshire the
02:27 most misspelled word of 2016 was
02:29 diarrhea and the best-selling item at
02:32 Walmart is cinnamon flavored toothpaste.
02:35 Things were much easier when I was a kid
02:38 we only had 25 letters in the alphabet
02:40 nobody knew why we'll see you next week
02:53 [Music]

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