Tech Review | India Fines Google, China Fines Alibaba & Tencent (video)

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Tech Review (TR 2018-02-17)--Domain Mondo's weekly review of tech news with commentary, analysis and opinion: Features • 1) India Fines Google, 2) China Fines Alibaba & Tencent, 3) Investing: The Week, Investing Notes: What's REALLY Going On? and more, 4) ICYMI Tech News: Elon Musk's Broadband-From-Space Plan, and more.

1) Google fined $21 million in India over competition abuse

Google has been fined $21 million by Indian competition authorities for abusing its market dominance, as global regulators continue to crack down on the US tech giant’s handling of online search queries. Financial Times (ft.com) video above published Feb 8, 2018:
Infographic: The Numbers Behind Google's Online Empire | Statista Statista.com May 18, 2017

2) China fines Alibaba and Tencent over payments systems

China tech groups Alibaba and Tencent have been caught up in Beijing’s war on capital flight, with both facing fines for breaches of cross-border foreign exchange payments. Financial Times (ft.com)  video above published Feb 9, 2018.

See also: Facebook loses Belgian privacy case, faces fine of up to $125 million | Reuters.com

3) Investing
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The Week: DowS&P 500, need I say more?
 S&P 500

Wall Street's Charging Bull:
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Investing Notes:
  • Shorting the Eurozone: The world's largest hedge fund, Bridgewater, has added another $9 billion worth of shorts against European public companies, totaling $22 billion overall. Source: ZeroHedge.com

4) ICYMI Tech News:
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From the Reuters.com feed:

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