Amazon HQ2: The Winner Is… DC Metro, New York Metro, or Miami?

Amazon HQ2: The Winner Is…

L2inc.com video above published Feb 8, 2018: What does market failure look like? The sh*tshow circus that is Amazon's HQ2. Watch to find out which city Prof Galloway thinks will win the contest.

(4:15): “Take a Tour of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ 5 Giant Homes and Thousands of Acres of Land Across the US,” BusinessInsider.com, October 2017.

Editor's note:
  • Prof Galloway Feb 8, 2018 (video above at 2:46): "Miami a dark-horse here. Why? Because anyone who lives in Seattle probably wants to spend more time in Miami."

Transcript (auto-generated via YouTube.com):
00:00  [Music]
00:01  what does the neon red flag of market
00:04  failure look like it looks like this
00:06  show circus that is hq2 for amazon where
00:11  mayors and municipalities drop their
00:13  drawers trying to prostrate themselves
00:15  to the seattle giant in hopes of them
00:18  choosing their City and detonate a
00:21  prosperity bomb in town square what do
00:23  we have we have 20 cities competing for
00:25  Amazon's second HQ Amazon's worship by
00:29  consumers and investors has resulted in
00:31  a frenzied pitch among municipalities
00:33  that highlights the perversion of our
00:35  nation at the hands of big tech in a
00:37  genius move Amazon has created an
00:39  offline algorithm that pits cities
00:40  against one another occupies the
00:43  headlines of almost every major
00:44  newspaper and news program while soaking
00:48  taxpayers let's be clear this is a
00:50  zero-sum game every dollar the Toronto
00:53  puts up in terms of a subsidy or a tax
00:55  credit is taking money out of the hides
00:57  of school districts and Fire
00:59  Department's in another city this is
01:01  just plain gross so let's start the
01:04  competition let's see who wins
01:07  Amazon HQ to
01:09  [Music]
01:13  all right so here we go Amazon HQ to
01:17  Circus Nashville Tennessee a super cool
01:21  place great for young people absolutely
01:23  no chance
01:25  Boston come on we're sick of Boston all
01:28  the universities the sailing whatever I
01:30  just don't see Jeff Bezos deciding to be
01:33  in Boston Pittsburgh Pittsburgh deserves
01:36  to get this Carnegie Mellon one of the
01:38  best universities in the world right now
01:39  a city on the upswing it has absolutely
01:42  no chance Atlanta another great city
01:45  fantastic universities Emory Georgia
01:47  Tech should be a likely winner with in
01:50  fact their airports but again I don't
01:52  think mister Bezos wants to live in
01:53  Atlanta Los Angeles what's the point of
01:55  a second HQ if you're gonna be on the
01:56  west coast Austin Texas this has an
01:59  outside shot a fantastic University but
02:02  again geographically disadvantaged
02:04  because it's not east of the Mississippi
02:06  Dallas Texas this is a tough one
02:08  just when you thought you were in Austin
02:10  and you thought life couldn't get any
02:11  worse you get transferred to Dallas no
02:13  chance Raleigh North Carolina
02:15  fantastic universities a great place to
02:18  live doesn't have any chance because of
02:19  the whole gender bathroom thing Denver
02:22  Colorado I don't know if the Bezos
02:24  family skis but I don't see this as
02:26  having much chance Columbus Ohio
02:28  did I mention Ohio New York City let's
02:31  hold on to this one DC let's hold on to
02:33  that Newark New Jersey let's hold on to
02:35  this one Philadelphia let's put that in
02:38  the New York file Montgomery County
02:40  Maryland that goes into the DC pile
02:42  Northern Virginia we're putting in
02:43  another pile Indianapolis Miami a
02:47  dark-horse here
02:48  why because anyone who lives in Seattle
02:50  probably wants to spend more time in
02:52  Miami
02:53  Toronto Canada now this this is
02:56  hilarious as Amazon sees and is fearful
02:59  rightfully fearful of regulation they're
03:01  going to locate in a city that has no
03:03  representatives in Congress this is in a
03:06  word ridiculous in Chicago despite in
03:11  the kneepads the willing to give up
03:12  taxation to Amazon basically said we
03:14  give up Amazon you now have taxing
03:16  authority and license over how to
03:18  allocate civic funds Chicago you don't
03:20  deserve it so it all comes down to two
03:23  locations it's either going to be the
03:24  metro area of New York or the Metro
03:26  area of DC there are only two criteria
03:30  here the first is where you can attract
03:32  and retain the best talent in the eyes
03:34  of Amazon the best talent is a 24 year
03:37  old ee grad from MIT this individual
03:40  isn't concerned with cost of living cost
03:41  of living only matters when you're in
03:44  your 30s when you begin collecting dogs
03:45  and kids Amazon doesn't care about those
03:48  individual middle managers they only
03:49  care about young people who are willing
03:51  to pile into five bedroom apartments in
03:54  Gowanus or Adams Morgan this will be New
03:56  York or it will be DC and the only
03:59  criteria that really matters at the end
04:01  of the day is where again a 53 year old
04:04  billionaire the wealthiest man in the
04:06  world wants to spend more time and where
04:08  does Mr. Bezos already have homes
04:10  already have a toothbrush which ie means
04:13  he likes these places you guessed it
04:15  DC and New York Bezos the thing to do
04:19  here is to pick the city now stop this
04:22  ridiculous process and announce you're
04:24  gonna reinvest those proceeds back into
04:27  the local community this is a show
04:30  however it's the wealthiest man in the
04:31  world I see good in you come to the
04:35  light Jeff to the mayor's band together
04:38  and do something good for each other and
04:40  refuse to take part in this ridiculous
04:43  process Mr. Bezos come to the light come
04:47  to the light
04:54  No
04:55  [Music]

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