Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google: Let's Play Monopoly (video)

Let's Play Monopoly

L2inc.com video above published Feb 22, 2018: "Pass Go, collect $200, and go bankrupt as big tech buys all the properties"--Scott Galloway.

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Auto-generated transcript via YouTube.com:
00:00 [Music]
00:01 in this week's winners and losers we
00:05 talk about monopoly monopolies the
00:11 latest sector that Amazon has put in
00:13 jail
00:14 the shipping sector Amazon announced it
00:16 was getting into delivery of goods
00:19 immediately UPS and FedEx stocks crashed
00:21 five percent on opening bell or about
00:24 eight billion dollars market
00:26 capitalization continuing a pattern of
00:28 cascading stock prices within hours of
00:30 Amazon announcing interest in any given
00:32 sector analysts claim the threat is
00:34 overblown pointing to UPS and FedEx
00:37 complex infrastructure and that Amazon
00:39 accounts for approximately just five
00:41 percent of total revenue and pointing to
00:44 all the capex expenses about five
00:46 billion each for FedEx and UPS in the
00:48 most recent year last year we correctly
00:50 predicted that Amazon would get into
00:53 this business if Beezus tamal said we
00:55 see overnight delivery as a huge
00:57 opportunity
00:58 150 billion dollars a market cap of DHL
01:00 FedEx and UPS would begin leaking to
01:02 Amazon Amazon claimed last year when
01:05 they started leasing airplanes and
01:07 buying tractor trailers that they were
01:08 only supplementing holiday demand
01:10 well it appears that FedEx and UPS
01:12 should get ready to be supplemented it
01:14 doesn't matter what the reality is the
01:17 perception that Amazon will win is a
01:19 self-fulfilling prophecy as they will
01:21 begin choking access to the mother's
01:23 milk of business Capital prediction
01:26 FedEx and UPS regardless of the reality
01:30 will lose 20% of their value in the next
01:32 six months and Amazon will increase its
01:35 market cap by about sixty billion
01:38 dollars as analysts begin to sharpen
01:40 their pencil and look at a new gangster
01:42 in town and shipping Amazon another
01:45 player with billions of hotels on any
01:47 property you might land on Apple Apple
01:50 music is now growing faster than Spotify
01:52 in the US Apple music is gaining
01:54 subscribers at a rate of five percent
01:56 per month versus Spotify
01:58 2% growth Spotify still has twice as
02:00 many subscribers but Apple has a
02:02 built-in advantage as it comes
02:03 pre-loaded on 1 billion iOS devices I
02:07 get in my car and Apple music begins
02:10 automatically playing by the way Apple
02:12 has literally
02:13 ruin to YouTube for me i can't turn that
02:15 up Apple takes a 30% cut of all
02:18 subscriptions sold through its App Store
02:20 Spotify decided to avoid the charge by
02:22 preventing new customers from
02:24 subscribing to Spotify Premium through
02:26 the App Store Apple retaliated by
02:29 blocking the Spotify update when you're
02:31 building a platform and you unfairly
02:33 restrain the competition that's direct
02:35 evidence of Monopoly abuse what is the
02:39 growth engine of our economy tech tax
02:41 cuts no it's small business if you look
02:45 at the front page of any business
02:46 section however or turn on CNBC you
02:49 think thousands of businesses were being
02:50 formed every day and night by shiny
02:53 grads from Berkeley Stanford and MIT not
02:55 to mention all the dropouts starting
02:57 billion-dollar companies but what's the
02:59 reality startups are in freefall
03:01 specifically over the last four decades
03:03 new business formation has been cut in
03:06 half the number of public companies has
03:09 also declined dramatically why there's
03:11 some macro reasons people have more debt
03:13 coming out of school and because they
03:14 have to pay to listen to this book so
03:16 they're less inclined to start a
03:18 business maybe because of the housing
03:19 crisis they're less likely to move
03:21 however we would argue that the real
03:23 reason here is it's harder to get
03:25 funding small businesses can't compete
03:27 with big tech when I'm in VC meetings
03:30 and I'm in a lot of them budding
03:31 entrepreneurs have to adopt a basic
03:33 narrative and that is we don't compete
03:35 with Amazon Apple Facebook or Google but
03:37 we make great acquisitions which is
03:40 effectively an oxymoron so if there's a
03:43 shot you'll be bought by an enormous
03:44 company you can raise billions at the
03:46 same time as not compete with them
03:47 however every other good idea raises
03:50 zero it has never been easier to be a
03:52 billionaire and never been harder to be
03:55 a millionaire under the category of
03:57 strange bedfellows this morning Ted Cruz
03:59 just that Ted Cruz senator from Texas
04:01 referenced an article that we wrote in
04:03 Esquire how do we feel about it kind of
04:05 like kissing our hot cousin a mixture of
04:08 very conflicted emotions or better yet
04:10 some of the dreams I've been having
04:12 about magnum p.i specifically a physical
04:15 encounter with Tom Selleck initially a
04:18 bit off-putting but then I find I start
04:20 to like it and then he screams out I'm
04:23 Magnum 3.14 which really gets the ball
04:26 rolling if you know what I mean
04:30 [Music]

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