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Tech Review (TR 2018-02-24)--Domain Mondo's weekly review of tech news with commentary, analysis and opinion: Features • 1) Big Tech vs Competition, Innovation, Opportunity? (video), 2) Peter Thiel vs Silicon Valley's Suffocating Group Think (video), 3) Investing: This Week, Investing Notes4) ICYMI.

1) Big Tech vs Competition, Innovation, Opportunity? (video)

Markets Are No Longer Competitive says Scott Galloway:  Scott Galloway, NYU Stern professor, and Roger McNamee, Elevation Partners (domain: elevation.com) co-founder, discuss the need to break up big tech to create more innovation and opportunity in the market. CNBC.com video above published Feb 15, 2018. See also The Case Against Google | The New York Times | nytimes.com: Foundem's case against Google exposes flawed arguments of a self-correcting internet economy and why antitrust laws are essential for tech growth.

New York Times Magazine's Charles Duhigg: The Case Against Google

CNBC.com video published Feb 21, 2018: Charles Duhigg, New York Times Magazine, discusses his article about concern over Google allegedly halting other innovation.

2) Peter Thiel vs Silicon Valley's Suffocating Groupthink (video)

Why Peter Thiel Is Backing Away From Silicon Valley: Bloomberg's Ellen Huet and Mark Milian discuss why Peter Thiel is relocating his home and personal investment firms to Los Angeles. They speak on "Bloomberg Technology" on Feb 15, 2018. See also: Like Peter Thiel, Tech Workers Feel Alienated by Silicon Valley ‘Echo Chamber’ | WSJ.com.: "... Several tech workers and entrepreneurs also have said they left or plan to leave the San Francisco Bay Area because they feel people there are resistant to different social values and political ideologies. Groupthink and homogeneity are making it a worse place to live and work, these workers said ..."

3) Investing
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This Week The Index: S&P 500
S&P 500 Index UP almost 3% since the end of trading in 2017
Volatility Jumps, But It’s Still a Bull Market | MorganStanley.com
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Wall Street's Charging Bull
Investing Notes:

4) ICYMI Tech News:
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  • With $9 billion stake, China's Li Shufu, Chairman and principal owner of Geely in China, is now the largest shareholder (10%) of Germany's Daimler AG (DAIGn.DE), manufacturer of Mercedes Benz cars, trucks and vans. Chinese car manufactuer Geely owns Volvo cars and the maker of London’s black cabs. Next largest Daimler shareholder is Kuwait Investment Authority (7%).
  • AT&T will launch mobile 5G in Atlanta, Dallas and Waco in 2018--engadget.com. See also SeekingAlpha.com.
  • Scammers use Zelle (domain: zellepay.com), a P2P payments service, to defraud online buyers who trust the service because it is backed by US banks--Techcrunch.com
  • Google I/O 2018: May 8-10, 2018, Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA--apply to purchase a ticket by 2/27 5pm PST.
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