Scott Galloway: How to Build a Genius Brand (video)

How to Build a Genius Brand

NYU Stern Professor Scott Galloway: Of the 2,303 brands L2 ranked in 2017, only 94 earned the title "Genius." What sets them apart? More info here. L2inc.com video above published Jan 18, 2018.

Transcript (auto-generated via YouTube.com):
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00:01 here at altitude were in the business of
00:04 benchmarking digital performance we take
00:06 the top brands in a given sector run
00:08 them through a methodology that examines
00:10 performance across for digital
00:12 dimensions and spit out a ranking in a
00:14 digital IQ classification of the 2300
00:17 brands l2 ranked in 2017 only 94 earn
00:22 the title genius while no two geniuses
00:25 take the same approach to digital this
00:27 year's winners converged on five key
00:29 themes one getting personal rather than
00:32 appealing to a broad demographic winning
00:34 brands are targeting the individual most
00:36 brands collect a lot of consumer data
00:38 the genius brands use that data in a
00:40 meaningful way through tactics including
00:42 sophisticated loyalty programs or highly
00:45 targeted messages - making it easy it
00:49 sounds obvious but when consumers are
00:50 inspired to make a purchase you need to
00:53 get the friction out of the way and let
00:54 them fall into the purchased winning
00:56 brands in 17 prioritize site efficiency
00:59 over feature overload and make blogs
01:01 look books and Instagram feeds shoppable
01:04 3 facilitating the hand up genius brands
01:07 recognize that consumers are shopping
01:09 online in many locations especially on
01:12 Amazon like other brand sites digital
01:15 geniuses product pages on third-party
01:17 retail sites have rich content and our
01:20 search optimized for investing
01:22 strategically genius brands are scaling
01:24 back on desktop advertising and shifting
01:27 their dollars and creative attention to
01:28 mobile and video which offer higher
01:31 return and engagement geniuses are
01:33 innovating not recycling and creating
01:35 content designed specifically for mobile
01:37 experience and finally 5 going back to
01:41 the store the median age of our genius
01:43 brands is 65 years old suggesting that
01:46 the old guard is not dead yet especially
01:48 since what's old is new again
01:50 many genius brands are figuring novel
01:53 ways to make their stores an asset and
01:55 integrating the online and offline
01:57 experience we predict 18 will be the
02:00 year the storm makes its comeback stay
02:02 tuned we'll see you next week
02:09 [Music]

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