Digital Winners: Nike, Experticity; & Losers: ESPN, Social Media Influencers

Scott Galloway: Nike's Billion-Dollar Bargain

Video above published Mar 23, 2017 by L2inc.com: Scott Galloway on last week's digital "winners and losers"--
  • Loser: ESPN, as subscribers flock to streaming platforms and ad revenue declines.
  • Winner or Loser? Nike, for its $1 billion deal with Cristiano Ronaldo.
  • Winner: Salespeople. With influencers losing trust, brands are now recruiting "expert" salespeople to rep their products.
  • Winner: Students turning to GoFundMe to cover the cost of their college educations.
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YouTube.com auto-generated transcript:
0:02  Loser: ESPN.
0:03  The triple whammy of the loss of 12 million subscribers in the past six years,
0:07  escalating costs for the rights to broadcast live sporting events,
0:10  and declining ad revenue
0:13  led ESPN to announce layoffs last week.
0:16  Consumers are not consuming less content.
0:18  They're consuming it in a different way.
0:20  ESPN made early forays into digital
0:22  but never figured out how to move away from expensive on-air talent contracts
0:27  or its dependency on the outdated business model of squeezing premiums from cable providers.
0:32  Winner or loser? Nike,
0:34  who signed a billion-dollar lifetime endorsement deal
0:36  with the Real Madrid soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo in December.
0:40  Ronaldo joins LeBron James and Michael Jordan as the only athletes to reach this milestone.
0:46  This might actually be a bargain for Nike.
0:50  Ronaldo generated half that fee, or $500 million, in value for the brand
0:54  from his social media channels in 2016.
0:57  Ronaldo published 347 posts that mentioned Nike,
1:01  garnering almost half a billion interactions.
1:04  His 120 million fans on Facebook make him the most popular person on the platform.
1:11  A winner: salespeople.
1:12  With social media influencers facing declining trust,
1:15  companies are investing in the credibility garnered from retail salespeople.
1:18  Experticity - what a stupid name - which operates an exclusive social network of more than a million retail experts
1:26  has raised $30 million in venture capital.
1:28  Buy some common sense with that money. Experticity?
1:32  In exchange for listening to brand pitches, salespeople get discounts and exclusive access to products.
1:37  750 brands have signed on,
1:39  including The North Face, Adidas, Nickelodeon, and most recently Reebok
1:44  which is using Experticity to promote a new shoe to serious runners.
1:48  A winner: students.
1:50  Yeah, beer, unprotected sex and football games.
1:52  Tell me something I don't know.
1:54  With tuition rising faster than inflation
1:56  and the average college student facing $37,000 in debt,
2:00  students are turning to online fundraising site GoFundMe to help cover the cost.
2:05  Over the past three years,
2:06  more than 130,000 GoFundMe campaigns for college tuition expenses
2:12  have raised $60 million from 850,000 donations.
2:16  Some notable campaigns: E-Jayy's Compton to Harvard campaign raised $21,000
2:21  and Baltimore native Khalil Bridges' campaign to attend community college

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