Digital Winners and Losers: What Winning Brands Have In Common (video)

What Benjamin Button and Winning Brands Have In Common

(Editor's note: Please note language in video at 2:37 to the end may be offensive to some readers.)

Video above published on Feb 23, 2017 by L2inc.com:  NYU Stern Marketing Professor Scott Galloway on digital winners and losers:

Winner: Firms whose products become more valuable with use--SalesForce.com, Facebook.com, Amazon.com, Priceline.com, Redhat.com, TripAdvisor.com, Alphabet (Google.com),-- a trait shared by most of today's top-performing companies. In contrast, old-economy successes including Ford and Caterpillar produce items that decline in value.

Winner: Facebook Messenger. With a third of Americans on the platform, brands that haven't yet launched chat bots may be missing a major opportunity.

Loser: Twitter. Despite the engagement boost from Trump's controversial missives, the platform barely gained any monthly users in Q4 - prompting Twitter to start counting daily users instead.

Plus: does (Netflix) cheating count when the other person is asleep?

Unedited Transcript via YouTube.com:
0:00  a winner the Benjamin Button economy
0:04  that 13 companies in the S&P 500 beat
0:07  the S&P average five years running
0:10  showing that we are in fact in a
0:11  winner-take-all economy what is Benjamin
0:15  Button companies have in common they age
0:17  reverse their products become more
0:19  valuable with use every time you're on
0:22  Facebook the core platform becomes more
0:24  useful when you turn on ways it adds
0:26  additional utility to people's traffic
0:28  patterns yesterday's economic Titans for
0:31  Procter & Gamble caterpillar produce
0:34  products that decline in value
0:35  perishable with use the other group of
0:39  terms that are winning are the ones
0:40  caring for the ages specifically firms
0:42  that are cutting costs for old economy
0:44  firms we have two sets of winners
0:47  companies that age in reverse and those
0:50  that are caring for the ages a winner
0:52  facebook Messenger I don't nothing about
0:54  messenger if you have any insight into
0:56  the platform please message me on
0:58  another platform with one in three
1:00  Americans using facebook Messenger
1:02  one-in-three the platform represents a
1:05  major opportunity for brands eighty-one
1:07  percent of brands we track Adele to
1:08  allow customers to message the brand on
1:11  Facebook the most brands have not tapped
1:13  to the message was real potential just
1:15  2% are leveraging chat BOTS early
1:19  adopter sephora is using box so
1:21  customers can book in-store appointments
1:23  mcallen spots help users choose a
1:26  whiskey and bud light spot reminds users
1:28  when it's time for a beer during begin a
1:31  loser Twitter despite the engagement
1:33  boots from Trump's controversial missus
1:35  Twitter angel 2 million monthly users in
1:38  comparison facebook increased by 72
1:41  million what you do in the metrics don't
1:43  go your way
1:44  change the metric following snapchats
1:46  lead twitter now reports daily active
1:49  users and their fourth quarter earnings
1:51  call Twitter highlighted its daily
1:53  active user base increase of eleven
1:55  percent year-on-year while monthly users
1:57  only grew four percent
1:59  however unlike snapchat the firm has not
2:02  disclosed its total number of daily
2:04  users a continued winner netflix we
2:07  believe will be the fifth Horseman
2:09  almost half of couples who watch netflix
2:11  together have cheated on each other by
2:13  watching episode ahead of their partner
2:15  according to a new survey 25-percent of
2:18  cheating happens when one partner
2:20  faultlessly however half of respondents
2:22  they sleep cheating doesn't count i have
2:25  connected my uber app to my amazon alexa
2:27  to my network now and when it says play
2:30  next episode
2:31  I just need to run and automatically a
2:34  guy named hey-zeus takes a person next
2:37  to me and their sh*t away from me within
2:39  seven minutes or just thirteen dollars
2:41  and fifty eight steps
2:43  Who am I kidding i watch netflix alone i
2:47  do get lonely one of my most alone when
2:49  do I feel most alone when I'm around
2:52  other people who are total f*cking
2:54  idiots will get you now
2:59  [Music]

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