India: Internet Freedom vs Internet Shutdowns; A Global #NetGov Issue

Graphic courtesy of keepusonline.in
Keep Us Online! | keepusonline.in"India had more Internet shutdowns in 2016 than any other country. State governments love to shut off the Internet, supposedly to thwart a range of evil-doers — from protesters to exam cheats. Millions of people are routinely cut off on some official's whim, with zero rules or oversight. This is unacceptable. Even for stopping riots — the official justification for most shutdowns — there is evidence that blackouts do more harm than good. Cutting off Internet access prevents innocent people from using the Internet to learn about trouble spots to stay away from, from reaching out for help and from making sure that loved ones are safe ..."

Internet Freedom Foundation | internetfreedom.in: Internet Freedom Foundation defends online freedom, privacy and innovation in India. Born out of the SaveTheInternet.in movement for net neutrality, IFF works on a range of issues including net neutrality, free expression, privacy and innovation.

Internet Shutdowns are a Global Internet Governance Issue:

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