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Feature •  Duan Yongping, The Billionaire Whose Brands Stung Apple in China Last Year:

The Billionaire Who Stung Apple in China Last Year

Video above published Mar 21, 2017: Duan Yongping is the reclusive billionaire who founded Oppo (oppo.com) and Vivo (vivo.com), the twin smartphone brands that dealt Apple a stinging defeat in China last year. Bloomberg's Edwin Chan reports on "Bloomberg Markets."

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•  Encryption & Spies: "As far as is publicly known, the encryption is strong. Even if it is somewhat weak, modern cryptosystems don't fall in an instant; it takes a fair amount of computation to crack each instance. The CIA is hacking [the endpoints] because that's what's left ... .to get around encryption ..."--Steven Bellovin, Professor of Computer Science at Columbia University.

•  Google | Project Shield | Free DDoS protection | projectshield.withgoogle.com"Project Shield is a free service that uses Google technology to protect news sites and free expression from DDoS attacks on the web."

•  FCC launches crackdown on fraudulent robocalls | TheHill.com"FCC voted unanimously to move forward with, would allow telecom providers to block calls from numbers that are not assigned to phones and that are no longer in use."

•  Digital DivideCould New York State’s Plan to Erase Its Digital Divide Work for America? | TechnologyReview.com: New York’s initiative requires a 100-megabit-per-second connection be made available for $60 a month--New York has huge rural areas, but aims to bring broadband Internet to all its residents by next year.

•  Apple's iPad Non-Event | SeekingAlpha.com"Google's Android doesn't shrink from convergence; it assumes it. In my view, Android is well on its way to becoming the universal personal computing operating system that Windows aspires to be and that iOS declines to be. Android is by far the most forward looking and innovative personal computing OS available today, even if not always the most stable and reliable."

•  Alibaba to Expand Mobile Game Distribution Globally | TheStreet.com:  Alibaba (BABA) is planning to expand its mobile gaming platform, investing 1 billion yuan into partnerships with a few gaming firms to distribute mobile games between China and other parts of the world. China is the world's largest online gaming market.

ICYMI Tech News--15 Quick Takes:
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  7. China's Tencent fourth-quarter profit jumps 47 percent on payment, cloud revenue surge | Reuters.com and Tencent Platforms  (WeChat, QQ, Qzone, Video, Browser, etc) Performance in 2016 | ChinaInternetWatch.com
  8. IBM and Wanda form China cloud computing partnership | Reuters.com
  9. O-MG, the Developer Preview of Android O is here! | android-developers.googleblog.com
  10. Amazon could hammer the final nail into the iPad's coffin | ZDNet.com
  11. Uber president Jeff Jones "leaving after apparently deciding the current controversies are too much to handle"--Recode.net.
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