E-commerce Tipping Point Is 20%, Digital Winners & Losers (video)

Scott Galloway: The Tipping Point is 20%

Video above re-published Mar 10, 2017 (see note* below), by L2inc.com: NYU Stern Marketing Professor Scott Galloway on this week's digital winners and losers:

*Reposted this week's episode as the previous version included data that was cited correctly, but learned was not accurate and has been retracted by the source.)

Once a sector hits 20% e-commerce penetration, the winners and losers start to emerge. We've seen it with books and toys, and apparel may be next.

Loser: Firms relying on Amazon Web Services (aws.amazon.com). The recent outage disrupted service for hundreds of thousands of sites.

Loser: Online travel agents, whose crowded layout paves the way for Google's Hotel Finder to change the game.

Loser: Connected toys. Amid growing evidence that "smart" playthings can be hacked, Scott demos his kids' newest toy.

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Auto-generated transcript via YouTube.com:
0:00what is the e-commerce tipping point
0:04according to our research once the
0:05sector has twenty percent e-commerce
0:07penetration the winners and losers begin
0:10to emerge case in point when the book
0:12industry had twenty percent e-commerce
0:14penetration in 2006 bookseller border
0:18sales lunch as Amazon took off toys and
0:22consumer electronics pass out threshold
0:24as evidenced by radio shacks bankruptcy
0:26and toys r us laying off ten percent of
0:30corporate employees in February which
0:32industries are next
0:33sporting goods and apparel and the
0:35closure of retailers including sports
0:37authority and aeropostale are the
0:39bellwethers here as its apparel needed
0:42another reason to get knocked down
0:45let's be honest you're totally
0:47distracted there is a glitch in the
0:49matrix i am wearing outdoor where i am
0:52wearing a Canada goose light shell and
0:55by the way I look fabulous however i'm
0:58wearing under my shell at leisure which
1:01I believe makes this canada do shit a
1:04loser firms relying on amazon web
1:06services Amazon's Cloud Service controls
1:09forty percent of the market more than
1:11the next three players combined AWS
1:14revenue with three and a half billion
1:15dollars and q4 up forty seven percent
1:18year-on-year but that success might be
1:21an issue for everyone else
1:23last week's glitch in a Virginia data
1:25center disrupted service for hundreds of
1:27thousands of sites including slack
1:30imager business insider and us here at
1:33l2 retailers including the disney store
1:35target and nike solo x increased by
1:38triple digits some customers of AWS were
1:41unaffected among those amazon a loser
1:45online travel agent sites including
1:48kayak dominate search eating hotel sites
1:51at their own game
1:52however most OTA sites are crowded and
1:54confusing half of kayak sponsored
1:56 listings are not for hotels but for
1:59 competitors booking.com and TripAdvisor
2:01 running ads on kayak making the company
2:04 of vulnerable to google which gets the
2:06 advertising game better than anyone
2:08 the Google hotel finder tool comes up
2:10 for sixty percent of branded Hotel
2:12 searches on
2:13 google just like Google flights this
2:15 looks to be a game-changer a loser
2:18 connected choice in February Germany
2:20 bandy internet-connected my friend Kayla
2:23 doll over fears it could be used for
2:25 spying and last week a US company itself
2:27 smart teddy bears that lets kids and
2:29 parents record messages accidentally
2:32 leaked two million of those messages
2:34 along with the parents emails and
2:36 passwords my boys were able to extract a
2:39 toy for me this weekend for God's sake
2:41 leave me the hell alone can't you see
2:45 I'm trying to refresh the feed on my
2:47 facebook page and see how many likes i
2:49 have on the comment regarding how much I
2:52 love you
2:54 their favorite toy is powered by a
2:57 vilified chipotle and cialis will see in
3:00 actually this week we received an email
3:04 request from one of our dozens and
3:06 dozens of fans any chance you could give
3:09 him a shout out on the next winners and
3:11 losers better yet Bridget I'm going to
3:14 use the force on your husband David
3:17 David the universe is going to produce
3:20 for you a spouse for the rest of your
3:22 life with thoughtful and makes an effort
3:24 to surprise and delight you will be with you

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