Digital Winners (Nike, Adidas, Pizza brands) & Loser (Google)

Digital Winners & Losers

Video above published Mar 16, 2017, by L2inc.com: NYU Stern marketing professor Scott Galloway on digital winners & losers:

Winners: Nike and Adidas, whose sneaker apps indicate that they've mastered the art of creating scarcity in a digital age.

Winners: Pizza brands, which are - believe it or not - at the forefront of digital innovation.

Loser: Google, whose convenient Featured Snippets tool provides some disquieting answers.

Dominos stock $DPZ vs Google (Alphabet) stock $GOOG $GOOGL (source: video above)
Domains: Nike.com; Adidas.com; Dominos.com; Google.com

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YouTube.com auto-generated transcript:
0:02  Winners: Nike and Adidas, which have mastered the art of manufacturing scarcity in a digital age.
0:07  Both brands use their apps to release sneakers in limited batches, generating hype
0:12  as sneaker fans compete to press the Buy button.
0:15  Scarcity is key to irrational decisions and inflated prices.
0:19  There's a reason that Herm├Ęs limits the production of Birkin bags
0:23  and does not distribute them through Walmart.
0:26  When Nike released a new model of Air Jordans last month,
0:28  the SNKRS app jumped to the tenth most popular shopping app in the App Store.
0:33  Adidas sold out of the original black Yeezy Boost in just 22 minutes.
0:38  The results of these scarcity tactics:
0:40  search returns include hack, jig and bot
0:44  and YouTube videos on how to game the apps.
0:47  What category is at the forefront of digital innovation?
0:50  Pizza.
0:51  Pizza Hut just launched smart sneakers that sync with your phone via Bluetooth
0:55  and automatically order a large two-topping pizza
0:58  every time you press a button on the tongue of the shoe.
1:02  And Domino's now offers a wedding registry.
1:04  My guess is the same couple has ammo on the registry.
1:08  We previously discussed pizza brands
1:09  being the agents of digital disruption
1:11  and that continues to hold true.
1:13  Domino's stock is outperforming Google's.
1:16  A loser: Featured Snippets.
1:18  The answers Google returns at the top of the search results page
1:21  account for 15% of queries on Google.
1:25  The snippet algorithm uses third-party sources to generate its answers
1:29  and in recent weeks those sources have been off-color,
1:32  and more importantly, total bullshit.
1:35  We stated in a previous Winners and Losers that every time someone typed a query into Google,
1:39  it got three-billionths of a percentage better.
1:42  What is Google?
1:44  Google is not a search engine. Google is an atheist's god.
1:47  By the way, I'm an atheist, which means
1:48  I believe in one less god than most of you.
1:51  Where do we pray? Where do we send information,
1:54  hope that there's divine intervention
1:55  and get a better answer back?
1:57  Our new god, Google.
1:59  Voice-based technologies are taking over the world.
2:03  Alexa, who is Scott Galloway?
2:09  Scott Robert Galloway is an Australian professional football player
2:12  who plays as a fullback for Central Coast Mariners
2:15  in the A-league.
2:17  Really? I hope he blows a knee.
2:21  We'll see you next week.

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