Dot Luxury? Just Another New Domain Extension?

Luxury by another (domain) name: "...will brands that have become a byword for prestige, quality and exclusivity – the likes of Rolls-Royce, Rolex and Tiffany & Co – jump at the chance to associate themselves with the L-word? Several spoken to by Executive Style expressed reservations. “Why would we brand ourselves in such a way?” one asked. “Our product speaks for itself.” Hugo Boss Australia spokeswoman Chauntel Scarr agreed. “I would say that Hugo Boss would not feel the necessity to align to a luxury domain as we have spent years building our brand into the luxury realm,” she says. “To then brand it as luxury in a domain name seems unnecessary and forced. If it can be bought then it is usually not as it seems.” On that basis, it appears far more likely that mid-range brands desperate to build reputation - and sales margins - will be first in the .luxury queue." (read more at link above)

Of course that desperation will cost you.

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