Why Has ICANN established headquarters in repressive Turkey?

Contact | ICANN: "Istanbul, Turkey Regus Selenium Plaza Hakki Yeten Cad. Selenium Plaza No:10/C K:5&6 34349 Fulya, Besiktas, Istanbul, Turkey Tel: +90.212.381.8727 Fax: +90.212.381.8731"

I wonder if the folks partying at ICANN's junket in Singapore have any clue that ICANN has located one of its now three headquarters (ICANN calls them tri-quarters--how cute!) in Turkey, a nation that is extinguishing internet freedom for its own citizens, day by day?

The White House is ‘deeply concerned’ about Turkey’s Twitter ban"The United States is deeply concerned that the Turkish government has blocked its citizens’ access to basic communication tools. We oppose this restriction on the Turkish people’s access to information, which undermines their ability to exercise freedoms of expression and association and runs contrary to the principles of open governance that are critical to democratic governance and the universal rights that the United States stands for around the world. We have conveyed our serious concern to the Turkish government, urge Turkish authorities to respect the freedom of the press by permitting the independent and unfettered operation of media of all kinds, and support the people of Turkey in their calls to restore full access to the blocked technologies."

Turkish Government's Blocking of Social Media Sites: "The United States supports freedom of expression in Turkey and opposes any action to encroach on the right to free speech. We urge the Turkish Government to unblock its citizens’ access to Twitter and ensure free access to all social media platforms. An independent and unfettered media is an essential element of democratic, open societies. Today's shutdown of Twitter is contrary to Turkey's own expressed desire to uphold the highest standards of democracy. We have conveyed our serious concern over this action to Turkish authorities."

Have you heard ICANN, or dear old Fadi Chehadé, utter a whimper of protest at Turkey's actions? Of course, actions speak even louder than words. Shades of things to come, I fear.

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