Startup Domain Names that allow you to Pivot

Wise advice for startups and investors:

How to Name a Startup: Startup Domain Names that allow you to Pivot: " . . . Whether you already have investors on board for your venture or you are seeking them, a premium domain name says a thousand words about the value of your startup and your team. After all, investors are investing in people and vision. Choose a domain name that evokes the brand association and truly says it all. Let’s look at the Uber.com domain name, arguably the fastest paced, most driven startup of the last few years. First, it’s a super short domain- vital for mobile users as that market increases exponentially. Second, it connotes a strong association- without really committing to an exact market. Uber has pivoted multiple times, all the way to delivering ice cream… But at the end of the day, it’s all about being “uber,” “above and beyond,” or “over the top.” Uber.com is brand genius- on a premium domain...."

It is also a dot Com domain name. Uber dot whatever (new gTLD) would not be a premium domain name.

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