ICANN, new gTLDs, how about some land in North Korea?

2013 Top Stories: New TLD Objection problems | Domain Name Wire: " . . . . something went horribly, horribly wrong. Blame part of it on how the guidelines to achieving these goals were actually written. Blame it on weak agreements with incapable arbitration groups that hired incapable panelists. Blame it on what you want, but it was a fiasco. . . ." Read the entire article by Andrew Allemann (Jan 02, 2014) and comments at the link above.

My comment:
"You cannot rely on ICANN for competence, rationality, or a stable domain name system anymore. It is driven by its own myopic bureaucracy, special interests, and greed. Domain investors, at every level, particularly those used to governments with due process, rule of law, and accountability, should wake up to the new internet governance reality – an inconsistent, capricious, arbitrary, and highly unstable environment. There is also a good chance that ICANN, as we know it, will cease to exist within 2-3 years, replaced by the ITU or some other UN or multi-national (governmental) organization. If you buy one of the new gTLDs domain names, better check everything out — the registry, all terms, conditions, agreements with ICANN, what national jurisdictional law controls, etc. Otherwise, you might be buying the equivalent of a plot of land in North Korea."

You've been warned!

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