Esther Dyson Told ICANN new gTLDs were a mistake in 2011 (video)

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Esther Dyson On New Top-Level Domains: “There Are Huge Trademark Issues” | TechCrunch: "Esther Dyson, who was the founding chairwoman of ICANN (among other things) doesn’t like the new top-level domains ... approved by ICANN. ... The thing is, we are not running out of domains. This is a “way for registries and registrars to make money,” says Dyson. She also points out that “there are huge trademark issues. I just think it is offensive. If I own a trademark, now I have to go register it on 2,800 domains. It will create a lot of litigation.”" (go to link above if video does not show or play)

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So ICANN did not listen to its founding chairwoman, and sold out the public interest to hucksters!

"You can't just leave those who created the problems, in charge of the solutions."  --Tyree Scott

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