Vint Cerf says Larry Strickling has preordained ICANN to be overseer of the internet (video)

Video: Who should oversee the Web? | Watch PBS NewsHour Online | PBS Video: "As the U.S. government relinquishes control, who should oversee the Web? (09:48)"

Assistant US Secretary of Commerce Larry Strickling, according to Vint Cerf (in video above), has preordained that ICANN be overseer of the internet - see transcript --

"VINT CERF:  The thing is that you keep referring to new entity. The entity is ICANN. The proposal is ICANN will continue to do what it’s been doing for the last 15 years.

JUDY WOODRUFF: And, again, ICANN is this…

VINT CERF: And it will do so in such a transparent way, in a way that offers assurance that they haven’t done anything that’s harmful to openness. The whole idea is to create a process for oversight which is within the ICANN structure, not outside of it.

RANDOLPH MAY: Well, the Commerce Department announcement doesn’t say that, at the end of the day, it envisions that ICANN itself will be the entity that’s doing this. It doesn’t mention — it doesn’t say that. And I don’t think you…

VINT CERF: Larry Strickling has said that."

OK--so much for bottom-up multi-stakeholder decision making about internet governance. It's all coming from the top. We get it, Vint. But I wonder what NETmundial (and the rest of the world) will think about Larry Strickling's decree? 

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