The Future of Internet Governance, ITU is NOT the answer

Interview of Vint Cerf in the New York Times is a good read -- excerpt follows:

Viewing Where the Internet Goes - NYTimes.com: "Is the I.T.U. and its effort to take over governance a threat to an open Internet? People complained about my nasty comment. I said that these dinosaurs don’t know that they’re dead yet, because it takes so long for the signal to traverse their long necks to get to their pea-sized brains. Some people were insulted by that. I was pleased. It’s not at all clear to me that I.T.U.'s standards-making activities have kept up with need. The consequence of this is that they are less and less relevant."

Cerf is right. Granted, ICANN has its problems and probably needs to be replaced. But making the situation worse by having the UN or ITU involved in internet governance is not an answer, but a nightmare!

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