Innovators Follow Connectivity: Google Fiber, Fast Internet, US Cities (video)

Google Fiber: Super fast Internet coming to more cities: "...The U.S. broadly is playing catch up with other countries that already have super high-speed Internet services. Google Fiber is a high-speed fiber-optic network. Internet speeds on fiber optic cables are up to 100 times greater than the national average. Google is working to expand in 19 more cities in five metro areas including Salt Lake City, Atlanta, Nashville, Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham. The Internet often features posts about consumers wondering if and when Google Fiber will come and turn their backyard into "fiberhoods."...In Kansas City, Missouri, for example, 121 businesses have launched or relocated to the Google Fiber area, according to the city manager's office. A combination including start-up accelerator groups and entrepreneur programs has also helped the start-ups adjust to the region. The new fiber connection in part has become a focal point for new start-ups and talent. Innovators basically followed the new connectivity."
"When Google comes to your town, and brings a brand new service that is nowhere else in the world, you get excited about it," said Matthew Marcus, co-leader of the Kansas City Startup Village. Kansas City, Missouri, and Kansas City, Kansas, were the first two U.S. regions to get access to Google Fiber."

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