Kevin Rose Interviews: Biz Stone, Ev Williams (videos)

Foundation 41 // Biz Stone -
Kevin Rose interview of Jelly CEO and co-founder Biz Stone. Discussed are his entrepreneurial roots, leaving college to jump into the world of art and design, and embarking on a social startup in the early days of the web. Published on Oct 22, 2014. bizstone.com

See also recently published: Biz Stone Is Back (Again) | MIT Technology Review: The Twitter cofounder talks about his latest social app, Super, and why it looks like technicolor pop art.

Foundation 31 // Ev Williams -
Foundation series: serial entrepreneur Evan Williams, interviewed by Kevin Rose, talks candidly about his experiences building Blogger, Twitter, and his latest project, Medium. Ev recounts the early days of Twitter, shares what he's learned about how to scale fast-growth products, and explains his philosophy about the power of collaboration. Published on Jun 28, 2013. 

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