Sidley Austin Law Firm Chair on China, Asia, Social Media (videos)

Sidley Austin LLP Chair, Carter Phillips, on the Legal Market and Asia Opportunities - Bloomberg interview recorded in Washington, D.C., February 19, 2015 (published April 27, 2015): “I don’t think any of us would say we’ve put 2008, 2009 behind us,” says Carter Phillips, the Chair of Sidley Austin’s Executive Committee. Phillips talks about his firm’s performance in 2014, areas for growth this year, and the opportunities he sees for his firm in Asia and China. From the transcript:
“… [we] were bond counsel for government of China for decades, we've been their litigation counsel … so our pitch is probably more aimed toward both the government of China and state-sponsored enterprises that operate obviously in China but do so much more in the United States and throughout the world …  at this stage we don't have any aspirations to practice local Chinese law … can't envision how local law could remotely pay the kinds [of] rates that firms like ours typically charge ….”
Note: Sidley Austin is also "independent counsel" for ICANN's CCWG-Accountability and  CWG-Stewardship groups in the IANA Stewardship Transition and Enhancing ICANN Accountability processes.

Below is another selection from the interview, on marketing and social media.

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Sidley Chair Carter Phillips on Social Media and Marketing: "The amount we spend on marketing has grown exponentially," says Carter Phillips, the Chair of Sidley Austin's Executive Committee, in this Bloomberg Big Law Business's video interview with him. Phillips also talks about the marketing efforts of his firm, and the importance of social media.

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