Broadcast & Cable TV Dead & Dying, Long Live VIDEO On Demand (video)

Intelligence Report: Video 2016:

Video above published August 1, 2016 by L2inc.com @L2_Digital

TV is on its last gasp, as the post-boomer generation embraces over-the-top services at the expense of traditional channels: Fifty percent of American viewers now use subscription-based video-on-demand services, spending an average 5.5 hours each day watching video content.

As TV loses share, the big winner is digital [video on demand]: nearly 80 percent of total global internet traffic will be driven by video in 2020.

Video is now a mobile first experience, and will account for 77 percent of all U.S. mobile data traffic by 2020, up from 61 percent in 2015.

Mobile has already left its mark on the format, as the average duration of a brand’s YouTube video has decreased by more than 60 seconds since April 2015.

With an evolving and expanding set of platforms, each with unique advertising models, best-in-class brands are working harder than ever to succeed at video.

GoPro is one of only a handful of brands that have been able to successfully translate user generated content into significant organic reach on YouTube.

Chanel has effectively leveraged its fashion shows by extending each show into multiple video cuts, maximizing the impact, lifecycle, and ROI of their tent-pole event.

Few brands have figured out how to leverage influencer content effectively. Of the twenty brands with the most vlogger mentions, only L’Oreal Paris, Make Up For Ever, and Urban Decay have leveraged advertising opportunities with these influencers.

L’Oreal Paris captures 2.7 percent of vlogger mentions, and accounts for 3.0 percent of TrueView ads on vlogger channels.

The second annual L2 Intelligence Report: Video 2016 evaluates the approach and performance of 200 consumer brands across seven categories. Members can download the full report at L2inc.com.
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