ICANN Staff Report on Comments Re: Amendments to Base New gTLD RA

"ICANN has always been and will continue to be subject to antitrust laws" --Larry Strickling, NTIA, July 14, 2016, ICANN, NTIA, IANA Transition, Fundamental Problems, the Macro View | DomainMondo.com
At this rate, some plaintiff antitrust law firms are going to get rich off arrogant ICANN and its new gTLD "partners," after September 30, 2016. And I'm sure Jones Day will gladly defend ICANN, to its last dollar!--from Comment submitted by John Poole, Editor, Domain Mondo
Embedded below is the ICANN Staff Report on public comments received on the Proposed Amendments to Base New gTLD Registry Agreement. 22 comments were received, including the comment by the Editor of Domain Mondo (pdf). See also on Domain Mondo

As set forth in the report, next steps are:
ICANN and the [Registry Operators] Working Group will consider and analyze the public comments. Once that analysis is concluded, ICANN and the Working Group will submit the proposed final version of the amendments for Registry Operator approval (according to the process defined in Section 7.6) and approval by the ICANN Board of Directors. If these approvals are obtained, the amendment will become effective upon 60 days’ notice from ICANN to the Registry Operators.
ICANN Staff Report (pdf) on Public Comments re: Proposed Amendments to Base New gTLD Registry Agreement (embed below, highlighting added):

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