Benefits of Brexit, How UK's Brexit Ministers Plan To Leave The EU (video)

How Brexit ministers plan to leave EU:

Video above: Lionel Barber, FT editor, and Janan Ganesh, political commentator, discuss how the UK’s three Brexit ministers — Boris Johnson, Liam Fox and David Davis, the "Brexit Team" — plan to negotiate exit from the EU, and how they will work together. Published July 28, 2016, by FT.com.

Benefits of Brexit: one reason Brexit makes sense
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While maintaining economic ties to the single market is an important point to consider, the UK also gains advantages from separating from parts of the EU ecosystem. Parts of Europe are still an economic mess, not getting any getting better. For example, see chart above on non-performing loans (NPLs). Italian banks are being crushed by €360 billion in non-performing loans. Bank stock prices in Italy have plummeted, including Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena, Italy’s third-largest bank by assets, and UniCredit, the country’s largest bank with just under €1 trillion in assets, is trading at one-third of what it was worth a year ago. The ECB’s Mario Draghi is now backing a public bailout of Italy’s banking sector.

Portugal has a similar banking crisis brewing. Non-performing loans have mounted to 18.5%, and Prime Minister Antonio Costa is also publicly looking for a solution to help Portuguese banks. Even Germany, which is typically rock-solid, has its own banking issues. As covered a few weeks ago, the country’s largest bank, Deutsche Bank, has seen its value collapse as it has been engulfed by scandals.

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