New gTLD AFRICA Appeal: DCA Trust Answering Brief vs ICANN & ZACR

DotConnectAfrica Trust v. ICANN UPDATE September 9, 2016: ICANN’s Reply Appellate Brief [PDF, 276 KB] and ZACR's Reply Appellate Brief [PDF, 195 KB].

UPDATE September 2, 2016: ZACR's Reply in Support of Motion to Intervene [PDF, 46 KB].

UPDATE August 29, 2016: Plaintiff DotConnectAfrica Trust's Response to ZACR’s Motion to Intervene [PDF, 412 KB], embedded below (highlighting added):

UPDATE August 26, 2016: New gTLD applicant Dot Registry, LLC, has filed motion for leave to file amicus curiae (friend of the court) brief in support of DCA Trust . Motion with attached Amicus Curiae Brief embedded below (highlighting added):

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"ICANN expressly agreed to process gTLD applications fairly and transparently. Instead, ICANN colluded with ZACR to award the .Africa domain to the AUC [African Union Commission]. The district court properly granted DCA’s motion for a PI [preliminary injunction] and properly affirmed the PI on reconsideration. DCA respectfully requests this Court affirm those decisions."--Conclusion of Answering Brief filed by DocConnectAfrica Trust (DCA Trust), infra (emphasis added)

DotConnectAfrica Trust (DCA Trust), appellee, has filed its Appellate Answering Brief together with Supplemental Excerpts of the Record (both embedded below), in response to briefs filed by appellants ICANN and ZA Central Registry (ZACR). The issues in this consolidated interlocutory appeal by ICANN and ZACR to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, involve whether the U.S. District Court properly granted DCA Trust's motion for preliminary injunction "barring ICANN from delegating the rights to .AFRICA until this case is resolved." See District Court Order (pdf).

Case Status: ICANN's and ZACR's optional reply briefs are due September 9, 2016. Meanwhile the U.S. District Court has assigned the case to a 10-12 day jury trial beginning February 28, 2017. See Scheduling Order (pdf).

For more on this case, see the previous posts (and links therein), on Domain Mondo: ICANN and Dot AFRICA: Dismissed Party ZACR Files Notice of Appeal (includes ICANN brief); and .AFRICA: DCA Trust v ICANN, ZACR Motion to Intervene & Opening Brief.

Appellee DCA Trust's Answering Brief (pdf) embed below (highlighting added):

Supplemental Excerpts of the Record (pdf) embed below (highlighting added):

Most document filings in this case are available on the ICANN website at: DotConnectAfrica Trust v. ICANN | ICANN.org
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