ICANN Quarterly Stakeholder Call, Q4 FY2016, Presentation Slides

ICANN held its FY16 Q4 (ending June 30, 2016), Quarterly Stakeholder Call, on August 18, 2016. There were no surprises in the reports presented, which covered the IANA stewardship transition, global engagement activities, policy updates, and financial reports:
  • President & CEO Overview- Göran Marby, President & CEO (10 min)
  • Board Update - Steve Crocker, Chair, ICANN Board of Directors (5 min)
  • Policy Update - Bart Boswinkel for David Olive, Sr. VP Policy Development Support; Adiel Akplogan, VP Technical Engagement (10 min)
  • Management Update - David Conrad, Chief Technology Officer (15 min)
  • Financial Update - Xavier Calvez, Chief Financial Officer (10 min)
The recording of the call, the presentation (embed below), and transcripts, are (or will be) posted on the ICANN website.

Highlights from the presentation slides:

ICANN Q4 FY2016 Stakeholder Call Presentation (pdf)(slides), 18 August 2016 (embed below):

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