ICANN IRP, Dot Registry New gTLDs INC LLC LLP, Tempest in a Teapot?

UPDATE August 31, 2016: Letter (pdf) to ICANN Board of Directors and ICANN Board Governance Committee from Shaul Jolles, Dot Registry LLC CEO, re: "Correction of Factual Inaccuracies in Reconsideration Request 16-11 in relation to the 9 August 2016 Board Resolutions 2016.08.09.11, 2016.08.09.12, and 2016.08.09.13 in the Dot Registry, LLC v. ICANN (01-14-0001-5004) Independent Review Process (“IRP”) Declaration of 29 July 2016."
--end of update--

Well, well, well. What have we here:


You don't say! 

Good week to get out of town!

IRP Declaration (decision) and transcript embedded below. Other IRP (Independent Review Process) documents here.

IRP Declaration: this is a split 2-1 decision, dissenting opinion begins on page 65:

IRP Transcript:

UPDATES: See also Delaware Secretary of State letter (pdf) and ICANN Board Resolutions at its August 9, 2016, meeting.

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